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  • Corning serum during carnival,All kinds of distinctions surprise gifts!

    Corning®Fetal bovine serum raw material for New Zealand,New Zealand is now recognized as the mad cow disease epidemic area,Blood purity,Serum levels of quality and reliable。We took a blood technology using aseptic heart puncture,From the blood collection,Processing,Filtering,Packaging and qc,To follow the industry the highest standard,To ensure the highest product quality!2019Years7Month1Solstice2019Years8Month31Day

    26 2019/06/
  • Plant gm products

    Is through a variety of physical plant transgenic technology、Chemical and biological methods will be taken from animals、The purpose of separation of genes in plants and microorganisms integrated into the plant genome,To correctly express and stable genetic and expected properties of a given receptor plant biotechnology methods。

    01 2019/04/
  • OXOIDStar productLBBroth in promotion!

    OXOIDIts star product the arrival of the goods!LBBroth ultra-low preferential price,In sales promotion!

    22 2019/03/
  • AbMoleInhibitors 丨 season begins,Enjoy“The pigs”How happy day!

    Season begins,AbMoleWith a gift again!!!

    09 2019/03/