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      www.bm.cc:com(The full namewww.bm.cc:com、Co., LTD),Is approved by the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government audit and industrial and commercial registration,Practice the self-disciplinary management of the company as a legal person。Located in the kingdom of rare earths、Steel city of baotou,Is a large-scale professional precious metals trading center。Trading center with professional background and scientific management methods,Willing to work for all people with lofty ideals to build orders for precious metals trading system suitable to China's situation。Efforts to implement national policy,For the vast number of investors truly open,Fair,Justice。Trading center membership organization form,Membership is by registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China,Financial institutions engaged in precious metals、Engaged in the production of silver and other precious metals and their products、Smelting、Processing、Wholesale
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Ingersoll rand oilless air compressor-More than125Years of experience with compressed air system solutions,For more than a century, Ingersoll rand air compressor has been widely used DAMS、To build a bridge、To build a tunnel、A car、Home appliance、Electrons、The packing、Pharmaceutical and food and other industries。

Ingersoll rand screw air compressor in the variable frequency is internationally recognized as the most energy saving Ingersoll rand air compressor,Is Germany's most advanced frequency conversion air compressor technology and frequency conversion of permanent magnet motor double frequency conversion technology。

Innovation of modular design,High integration makes high reliability,The host driver module durable Ingersoll rand host:High efficiency and stability,Its performance in the Chinese market has been millions of air compressor machine is equipped with host instead customer verification and approval。


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The eight successfully build worry-free after-sales service Ingersoll rand air compressor The next is you


1500Strong enterprise services
With the domestic each big enterpriseLong-term cooperation experience,Keep pace with The TimesManagement system to support the needs of customers。
2One-on-one to provide solutions
Air compressor sales experience for many yearsExpert design according to customer requirements,Quality guaranteed。
3Advanced detection equipment
Their ownProfessional research and development personnel、The advanced scientific research center,According to theISO9001、National standardAnd the standard set up their own business and product and service standards。
4Logistics guarantee
Efficient logistics services,To be able toTo ensure the goods transported in convenient to your hands。
5South China the total generation of advantage
More favourable price,More professional technology,Provide more convenient service
6Technical support
We collect a group of professional team,AMore than ten years rich experience in the industry,To provide customers with professional technical guidance。
7After-sale protection
We have professional customer service7*24Hours online,For the customerProvide the setting solve various difficult problems,And to provide door-to-door service
8High cost performance
Under the premise of equal quality,Lower than the same product10%-20%


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